Mercedes CLK LM - Le Mans 1998 nº 35

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Calcas Mercedes CLK LM - Le Mans 1998 nº 35

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Ficha técnica

Año 1998
Carrera 24h Le Mans
Pilotos B. Schneider / K. Ludwig / M. Webber
Escudería AMG Mercedes
Resultado Abandono



(Optional, although RECOMMENDED) Apply Liquid Film Decal, Brilliant Varnish or similar to increase the resistance to manipulation.

1º Cut close to the drawing without cutting it.

2º Dip the decal in water for 3-5 seconds and let it rest on an absorbent paper for about 25-30 seconds. Afterwards, the decal will detach easily from the support.

3º Manipulate it as little as possible, it will be placed in its place, and helped by a brush we will adapt it.

4º Dry the rest of the water with an absorbent paper.

5º Apply Micro Sol and / or Micro Set according to need and let dry. Finally, apply a light coat of varnish as deemed appropriate.

It is highly recommended to apply the decals always on bright paint and respect the drying times.



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