About shipping your purchase

Shipments will be made two days a week, corresponding to Monday and Thursday. Depending on the date of receipt of payment the shipment will be made one day or another. Shipments received on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be sent on Thursdays and orders placed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be sent on Monday.

Once the transport is processed, you will have the possibility to track your purchase online, as long as the shipping choice is "Certified Mail"

Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping.

Shipping costs

These rates is for shipping decals, which is automatically calculated according to weight. The most common is that the marked price how minimum price is the most common, however, for decals sheets on larger scale, multiple units, other heavier items such as kit's, accessories etc., the price of shipping will vary by His weight.

Shipping costs are reflected below include packaging, packaging, handling and shipping.

Spain - Ordinary mail (no tracking number): € 1.50 to € 6.50.

Spain - Certified Mail: 3.50 € to 10.00 €.

Europe - Ordinary mail (no tracking number): from € 2.50.

Europe - Certified Mail: From € 5.50.

Rest of the world - Ordinary mail (no tracking number): from € 3.50.

Rest of the world Airmail (no tracking number): from € 6.50.